Media about us

Over the years, HOFC has been written and talked about, filmed and interviewed. We get that what we’re doing is part of a broader movement of people trying to figure out how to share land, farm with care for people and land and provide nutritious food for our communities so we’re happy to share what we’ve learnt. Some of the people and enterprises who contributed to these publications are no longer part of the Co-op, so we thank them for their contribution to telling our story! Here is the most comprehensive list of resources we’re mentioned in – if you find something out there or would like to work with us on media pieces, please contact us!


In 2024 3CR Local Food Connections featured a number of episodes focused on HOFC, including interviews with Ira Barker of Murnong Mummas and Katie Finlay or Carr’s Organic Fruit Tree Nursery and The Orchard Keepers.

Episode: The Murnong Mummas, Ira Barker

Episode: Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op, Katie Finlay

Episode: Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op, Katie Finlay part 2

Season 5 of Saltgrass podcast, broadcast in 2023, featured a series of episodes focused on each enterprise of HOFC at the time, as well as HOFC overall.

In 2021, Farming Together produced two podcasts about HOFC, interviewing Katie & Hugh, Sas of GHG at the time and Tess from Sellar Dairy.

Planning for success in succession Farming Together webinar 2020:

The Food Exchange Get the Dirt Podcast Eps 7 & 8 2018

ABC Rural News Online A Big Country: Turning an orchard into an organic co-op 2017

Harcourt Farming Co – Op – Ant Wilson – 2020 – 04 – 24 BTL by Align in the Sound


ABC Gardening Australia produced a segment on HOFC & HOFC enterprises called ‘School of Harcourt‘ in 2023.

Terrace Projection – Agricultures by Zoe Scoglio in 2022

ABC News on the beginning of HOFC in 2017

ABC Kids ‘A day in the life of a farmer: if you see it, you can be it”, IWD 2018

9 News Central Vic Central Victoria will become home to Australia’s first organic farming alliance 2018

Case studies, reports, adademic work, news articles

Flourish Regional Food Systems Framework, Healthy Loddon Campaspe, June 2024

“Turning an old orchard into a thriving cooperative farm”, Transition Australia, March 2023

Alternative Pathways to Farm Business Ownership, Open Food Network, 2022: Full report here.

Bendigo Advertiser 2021:

Sydney Morning Herald 2021:

Farming together Case Study 2021: 

Farming Together planning for succession webinar 2020:

Sanctuary Modern Green Homes Magazine 2020:

Culinary Gold – Malaysia Airlines in-flight magazine 2020:

Why food & wine co-operatives are thriving in Bendigo gastronomy region 2020:

Transition Australia Creating an Organic Farming Co-op 2019:

Weekly Times Farm Magazine New Co-op Models Show Promise 2019:

Southern Farmer Newspaper Victoria’s First Organic Co-op 2018;

Bendigo Advertiser Harcourt co-operative set to develop organic farming hub 2018

ABC Country Hour “Cooperatives in agriculture making a comeback” 2017:

Weekly Times Victorian Government backs organic alliance 2017:

Bendigo Advertiser New farming enterprise offered a headstart on Harcourt family’s established land 2017 

Bendigo Advertiser 2021

Harcourt organic farming co-op set to expand with $45,000 grant

Award-winning Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op adapt to winds of (climate) change

Apples from old family orchards: co-op farming experiment hailed a success

Organic Gardener Mag, 2022