Veggie Box Subscriptions – now available

Gung Hoe Growers are launching their 2021 CSA Veggie Box Subscriptions, starting with a 5 week summer box subscription.Boxes will include a selection of leafy greens(kale, silverbeet), alliums (spring onions, leeks, onions, garlic), cucumbers, zucchini, herbs, heirloom tomatoes and root vegetables. There will also be an Autumn subscription starting in March.

Boxes will be available for collection from the ‘Pre Orders’ line at the Weekly Farmers Market on Wednesdays in Castlemaine or on Fridays from the Farm Shop in Harcourt. There are only a limited number available for the first round due to the mild season and slow ripening and maturing of crops this year. More will be available in March.

Orders close Monday 25th January at 11pm. Boxes are $30/week and we ask for upfront payment for the full 5 weeks ($150). If this isn’t possible, we are really happy to work out alternative payment arrangements.

CSA stands for ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ and is a collaboration between the grower and the eater that results in a stronger local food system.