For the month of May and beyond!

Well hello out there! It definitely seems a while since I’ve put words out into the stratosphere.  I’m writing to let you know about some of our future plans in regards to food.  That beautiful April super moon is lighting up the trees outside and the air is still.  I love the change from summer to autumn, distinctly different from winter to spring which brings with it howling winds.  This swap over always feels more of a relief and brings with it a somewhat desired sense of calm after summer.  Even though this summer was very different (thanks la Nina!) to our normal 40 degree hot and windy scary exhausting days, autumn heralds frosts and cooler weather.  This in turn means the soil cools down and crops die and you have to get IT ALL IN before it gets really cold.  SO even though it feels calmer it is actually very busy and I always feel like we’re scrambling…but that’s another blog post in itself.

So back to food! First off the bat we’ve got one month worth of boxes up for grabs! Woo! We need them ordered  by Monday night so we can pick them Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and get them to you Wednesday afternoon! You can order them here:

Gung Hoe Autumn Veggie Box !! 

5 Week Subscription   

Starts: WED May 5th

Ends: WED 2nd June

WHAT YOU GET  – 5 x $30 weekly box which include a selection of our autumn veggies including spuds, pumpkin, alliums (onions, leeks, spring onions and garlic), roots crops (beets and radish), the last of our capsicums, chilli and eggplants, herbs and leafy greens as well as a smattering of brassicas (cauliflower, cabbage, sprouting broccoli and maybe Brussels)

Suitable for 2-3 people.

ZUCCHINI-ITIS?!  We are aware that many of you have your own abundant gardens and may also be suffering from ‘Zucchini-itis’ at the same time as us, however this is what is called eating seasonally!  Our boxes are set and we cannot do individual variations unless you have a serious allergy to something.  


Pick up options are (select your preferred option during the ‘check out’ process):     – 

Castlemaine Weekly Farmers Market-Wednesdays 2.30pm-5.30pm at the Western Reserve Oval

Farm Shop (self service) Fridays 9am-1pm at the Farm: 69 Danns Rd, Harcourt. Please park under the big gum tree and enter via the small door on the North West corner of the shed. Access must be kept clear of the blue shipping container and the big sliding door on the green shed please. (For tractors and fruit pickings!)

Please BYO bag or box to transfer your veg into. We pack the veg into insulated foam boxes to keep them as fresh as possible but we don’t have many of these so please leave them behind when you collect your veg. Thanks!

PAYMENT  If you are unable to afford upfront payment please get in contact so we can work out another arrangement for you by emailing – we are more than happy to work with you to figure it out  🙂


The other reason is we are going to introduce a new concept.  12 month boxes. Yep that’s right – signing up for a whole year of food with us.  Sas will write more about this in our next blog…but its actually very exciting!  You could sure this with a neighbour or a friend and if you go away you just get the person who’s house/dog sitting for you to grab it – voila!  It will also look slightly different in the fact that we will only be offering 10 or so spot for this – but those people will be included a lot more in the farm and the goings on of how we grow.  We will invite them out to workshop what they want to eat and there will be seasonal one day farm visits they can join.  It really is like we are going into work with each other to grow and eat good food.

While I let that seed settle I’ll remind you about Autumn boxes for the month of May and let you start getting excited bout conversations of what we can grow for you next season…!

Enjoy the vitamin D while you can and may you watch the decay from summer with love and understanding that as with everything cycles are all about letting go and being re born.

Peace out

Mel and Scallywag and the baby lettuce x 


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