Do you want a free fruit-growing course? Have your say…

Hi HOFC fans and supporters,

Today’s update is coming from Katie and Hugh, with our Grow Great Fruit hats on.

As you may (or may not) know, we do a lot of fruit tree education. In the spirit of ultimate food re-localisation, we’re on a mission to help everyone get better at growing their own fruit.

We’re thinking about running a new, free short course to help backyard fruit growers get ready for summer.

Trouble is, we’ve had requests for two very different courses, and we’re not sure which one to run!

So before we design the course, we need to know what would actually be of most use. 

If you have fruit trees, could you please take a minute (well, 7 minutes) to help us out? We’ve written a short survey and we’d love to get your opinion.

Click here to do the survey.

The estimated time to complete it is just 7 minutes. 

Thanks for your help, we appreciate it!


Hugh and Katie