We’ve just pulled up our sixth crop of organic garlic grown here on the granite skirts of Leanganook in Harcourt. It marks our time farming on this land as 5 1/2 years !

gung hoe garlic, so purple!

They say it takes four years for garlic to acclimatise and settle in to new soil, and having saved the best garlic for our seed stock each year, that is certainly proving true! Our crop is truly divine this year, plump, purple and pungent.Its been curing for a fortnight and this week we’re plaiting it up ready for sale.You can order yours via our Open Food Network Shop

We have two size options:

15 head plait $30

30 head plait $60

Perfect to hang in your kitchen or to buy as a gift for someone else’s!

Local Pickups available at Farm Shop (Fridays 9am-1pm) or from the Weekly Farmers Market (Wednesday 3.30-6pm).

Sorry we cant post garlic (the postage is more expensive than the garlic!)

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