The milk is back!

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The milk is back! Thanks to Joyce’s calving, the milk drought has broken! This week at market we will have milk and yoghurt for sale so get in quick. Thanks for being patient and sharing in the realities of small scale dairy.

Thanks to all our CSA members for helping choosing a name for our new cow and her family line.

We have decided to go with the family line of native wildflowers thanks to both Ilka and the O’Sullivan’s. This beautiful matriarchy will be Nancy, named after Early Nancy the native wildflower seen around the district.

Nancy is a Illawara Dairy Shorthorn, 8 years old and due to have her 6th calf this June.

Early Nancy

We’re looking on track to keep the milk supply up now, with Luna due mid May, followed by Quartz mid June and probably Nancy, then Iggy mid July.

Thanks again

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