Autumn Veg and Salad Mix Subscriptions!

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Autumn Veg and Salad Mix Subscriptions!

Autumn Veg Subscriptions are now available! Our sold out summer round of veggie boxes is finishing this week and so its time to launch the next round…

9 weeks worth of organic veggies to carry you through to the end of April. We’ve been out in the fields talking to the eggplants and tickling the cucumbers and trying to make our best guess at how the rest of the season will unfurl. The eggplants are flowering, our onions have cured and our spuds are ready to dig, so there will be a bit more variety in the Autumn box.

You can expect a mix of tomatoes (cherry or slicers), cucumbers, zucchini, leafy greens (kale or chard), root crops (beets or radishes), herbs (basil, parsley and Italian herbs), alliums (garlic, leek, spring onion, red or brown onions), spuds and all going well some eggplants, capsicums, beans, peas, kohl rabi and cauliflower.

Also…the moment we have been waiting for, after a 12month hiatus, our biodegradable bags of pre packed ORGANIC SALAD MIX are back! We are offering them as a 9 week subscription along side the veggie boxes. You can get just salad, just veggies… or both!! We will start to have some bagged salad available at the weekly market again, but the bulk of it will be available through the subscription model. This helps us plan how much we need to plant, pick and wash in order to meet demand and not have wastage.

If you’re interested in signing up for 9 weeks of Veg and/or salad just follow the link to our Open Food Network Shop:

You can collect your subscription each week from either the Wednesday Weekly Farmers Market (3.30-6pm) or from the Farm Shop on Fridays 9am-1pm.

Select your preffered pick up option during the check out process.

Thanks folks for continuing to support fresh local organic produce that feeds the soil, our soul and your bellies!

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