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Right from when we first set up the co-op, offering education for farmers was part of our plan. Katie and Hugh were already doing it with their Grow Great Fruit online courses (mainly for home fruit growers), but the co-op always had a vision of broadening this to a wider farmer focus, and specifically helping more people get into the regen ag farming space.

Well, here it is, the first of our “HOFC presents…” offerings! Here’s the link to register.

We’re starting with a massive bang, by partnering with Dr. Christine Jones presenting a workshop called Fundamentals of Soil. The webinar will be held online on Sunday August 23, at 11 am.

You may have heard of Dr. Jones—she’s well known around world as a leading soil scientist, or you may have come across Amazing Carbon, which is basically an online library of her academic papers about all things soil carbon-related. She also presented a Masterclass for Hugh and Katie recently on the importance of flowers under fruit trees.

The topic for this next workshop is soil, because having thriving, alive soil is so fundamental to all healthy food production, whether you’re growing fruit, vegetables or animals. Plus it’s one of the most useful and meaningful things we can do to mitigate climate change.

The basis of the workshop is that Christine will challenge us to imagine that it’s possible to heal our agricultural soils, and then talk about what that means, and how to do it in practical terms. What a beautiful premise, and something we feel very strongly about here at HOFC.

The Fundamentals of Soil is the perfect starting place to learn simple steps to activate the life in your soil and stimulate plant growth. Plus, it’s quite enthralling to learn about the amazing science of what Christine knows about soil regeneration!

⁠Until you hear about what’s really possible, it can be quite hard to imagine how much of a difference regenerative soil practices can make, but have a look at these two different soils (can you guess which one has more carbon in it?)

So, the webinar is intended for a wide range of farmers (either existing or future farmers)—from dairy, to animal production, cropping or horticulture—in other words, pretty much anyone who’s interested in growing food in a regenerative way (which basically just means using practices that result in net gain of soil carbon rather than a net loss).

If that’s you, or you know someone that’s interested in farming please share this around!

There are very few opportunities to access Christine’s awesome knowledge in this way, or to get her personal answers to your questions. We’ll probably run out of time during the webinar (last time there were more than 200 people registered, and there were a LOT of questions), but Dr. Jones will provide written answers to any unanswered questions afterwards in a PDF that will be distributed to everyone who registers.

The webinar costs $35, which will entitle you to:⁠

  • Attend the live presentation⁠
  • The chance to ask your questions and have them answered by Christine⁠
  • A recording of the webinar that you can access online afterwards (with no expiry date)⁠
  • A PDF of the presentation (available after the webinar for your own use only, not to be shared or replicated without Christine’s permission)⁠
  • A PDF of Christine’s answers to all questions that were not able to be answered during the webinar.⁠

Here’s the link to register for the webinar.

See you on the 23rd, we can’t wait!

This is what we're aiming for—well aggregated soil, full of plant roots.
This is what we’re aiming for—well aggregated soil, full of plant roots.

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